I have a recessed maxilla and a crossbite. It creates the look of an underbite. What are my options, surgical and nonsurigcal?

I have a recessed maxilla/a crossbite. I know midface implants or jaw surgery can be used to bring my cheeks forward & rhinopalsty can help with my nasal dip, but what can I do so that my upper lip & lower lip are even when I smile? Normally my lower lip rolls forward when I make facial expressions & if I smile you can only see the lower portion of my top row teeth. They're thinner than my bottom teeth. Would Invisalign help? #underbite #invisalign #maxilla #underbite #nonsurgicaloptions

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Few options available...

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There are a few options to help rectify the esthetic and functional results youre looking for. Crowns or veneers  can add bulk to your teeth and might correct minor cross bites, Invisalign or braces could widen the arch to correct crossbites and give you that fuller midface look.  However your best bet is to have models of your teeth made for a complete smile analysis and a cephalometric xray taken to evaluate what options you have from a skeletal (bone profile) perspective.

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Recessed Maxilla and Crossbite

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Hi there, Do you have photographs? There are a whole host of options available, but which options would be suitable for you are dependent upon your specific situation. Photos would be helpful, and seeing a dentist in your area skilled with cosmetic and complex cases would be advised.  Best of luck!

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