Mild to Moderate Blows to Nose After Rhinoplasty

I have received a few mild to moderately intense blows to my nose during my first 3 wks after rhinoplasty, mainly accidental smacks to my nose from my toddlers. Should I be concerned about permanent damage? If yes, up to how long after surgery might damage/deformities appear?

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Trauma to nose after rhinoplasty

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You shouldn't be too concerned about mild blows to the nose, but I would definitely be more careful. Depending on the type of surgery that was performed, certain areas of your nose may be more vulnerable than others. Try contacting your surgeon if you become more concerned. But again, if these are light blows from a toddler, you should be fine.

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Nasal B lows after Rhinoplasty

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Obviously nasal trauma should be avoided after rhinoplasty; however,  mild blows to the nose are common. If you're concerned, consult with your surgeon now rather than wait to see if the nose is deviated or asymmmetrical.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Bumps to the nose after rhinoplasty

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If the bump is hard enough, any nose will fracture. The degree of trauma needed varies with the type of nose. It also varies with the length of time after surgery. Right after the nose is very weak. That's why surgeons use both a cast and internal nasal stents to support the nose for the first week or so. As the healing progresses, the body becomes stronger and the force needed increases. Any bump during the first 6 weeks is potentially an issue. That said I've only seen it twice in thousands of rhinoplasties.

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Bumps to nose after rhinoplasty

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It you have had light blows to your nose by toddlers, it is probably nothing. If you are overly concerned, you should see your surgeon.

Accidental blows to nose after (nose job) rhinoplasty

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IT may take up to 6 months for this to become apparent. It is best to discuss this with your surgeon. Major deflections or trauma may warrant intervention but in most cases, observation is advised.

Possible Consequencesof Blows to Nose after Rhinoplasty

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Any trauma to the nose after rhinoplasty would depend on : - the magnitude and direction of the blow - did the nose undergo surgical fractures (osteotomies) intended to improve its shape and - how much time has passed between the surgery and nasal trauma. I would advise you to contact your surgeon. IF there was a change in nasal shape after the accidental trauma, it MAY be corrected much simpler at this point than after allowing the noseto heal in the misplaced position. Dr. Peter Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Hits to the nose after rhinoplasty

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I tell all my patients to try to avoid this knowing full well it is bound to happen.  Unless there is a dramatic change to the nasal appearance I tell them not to worry, however if the nose looks shifted in any way I would rather they come in just for me to check it.  In the worse case scenario if the nose has shifted it is relatively straight forward to reset the nose to a straight position whereas several weeks later that may not be the case.  I hope this helps you and good luck with your new nose.  See your doctor if you are concerned.

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