Dent After Explant; Permanent? (photo)

I am post-explant day 7. I have a "dent" at the bottom of my left breast that I'm fearful will not fill in. There is no dent on my right breast, however. My PS seems confident it will fill in, but it appears worse today than yesterday. Am I deformed forever or is my PS right?

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Indentation after explantation

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When I remove implants, I explain to patients that it is kind of like doing liposuction.  You are removing volume from an area (in this case, the breasts) and it takes a little while for the skin and tissues to tighten down and smooth out.  With liposuction, I tell them that they might not see their final results for three to six months.  Your indentation may resolve itself over time as well.  After explantation, I have my patients wear a tight bra to compress the breasts and eliminate the empty space once occupied by the implant.  My liposuction patients also wear a compressive garment after surgery.  I have them wear this as much as possible for three weeks.  If you have some skin irregularity, massages may help smooth this out.  If your indentation is still there after several months then you might explore options to correct it, such as fat injections to fill it in.  Sometimes it is hard to wait on a result but these things often work themselves out over time.

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Dent after Removal of Implants

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At 7 days, it is too early to determine if this will be permanent.   I would followup closely with your plastic surgeon and consider aggressive massage to the area to loosen and prevent any abnormal scarring of the breast tissue to the muscle.

Did your surgeon remove any of the breast capsule in this area?   I wish you a safe recovery.

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Dent after Explantation

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It is hard to appreciate the "dent" on your photos.  Most likely, it will resolve.  It has been only 7 days since your explantation.  Your breast tissue will heal/settle for next couple months.  

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