Nipple bleeding. What could it be? (Photo)

I did breast implants on 11/15 and I haven't had any problems since then. This morning I woke up bleeding from my right nipple. What it could be?

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Bleeding from nipple

Bloody discharge from the nipple is not normal. This far after surgery it is unlikely that it is related to the implants at all. You should see your primary physician and then get a recommendation for a breast surgeon.  Bloody drainage can be a sign of breast cancer and should not be ignored.  Your best option is to do this as soon as possible 

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Nipple bleeding after breast augmentation

I have seen a few patients bleed in the first week after nipple reduction, but that is somewhat expected since the milk ducts are divided during that surgery, and blood can get into them. This far after implant surgery, I would treat this as if it was not related to your implants. That means I would encourage you to see a physician (your primary Doctor, your plastic surgeon, your OB/GYN, or a general surgeon who specializes in breast surgery) to get a mammogram and be evaluated. There are multiple possible reasons for nipple bleeding, and further work up is needed to make sure it is not something serious. 

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Bloody Nipple discharge

It is difficult to appreciate in the photo whether or not this is just from superficial irritation or truly bloody nipple discharge. If it is actual discharge, this is not normal and should be evaluated promptly by a breast surgeon.

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Nipple bleeding. What could it be? (Photo)

Best to see you PS & GYN ASAP. Take a future of the discharge, obtain a scan than go from there to determine the dx and cause...

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