Aren't they suppose to stitch, drain hole from the Tummy Tuck after they pull it out of the body?

How long does it take to  heal if left opened? tummy tuck, stitches, drains, holes, lopened

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Drain hole care after removal

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The drains used after tummy tuck or body contouring procedures are small, non-reactive silicone tubes.  Once they are removed the elastic properties of your tissues start to collapse the drain tract.  The small entry site of the drain heals on its own in several days.  I typically cover this area with a small antibiotic-containing dressing and have not had to suture a drain site after removal.

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Drain Holes

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Thank you for your question. Most surgeons leave drain holes open to heal on their own to reduce the risk of an infection.  It is best to care for it by keeping it clean and covered with a small dressing like a Band-Aid. Ask you surgeon for recommendations for care of the drain site. Best wishes.

Aren't they suppose to stitch, drain hole from the Tummy Tuck after they pull it out of the bod

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NO!, in 99% of cases that opening closed by secondary intention healing event. If the opening is larger than yes I might suture it. But best to see your surgeon ASAP! Or call my office for in person care.. 

Drain Holes after Tummy Tuck

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We do not stitch the drain holes closed because that would actually increase your chance of infection.  The heal by secondary intention in about 4-5 days

Not necessary to stitch close drain incisions

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It isn't necessary to stitch close the incisions where the drains are inserted because they are very small and heal well on their own. Normally, they are dressed with a bandage and in a bit they will close on their own. Just make sure to keep the are clean and not submerge yourself in a bath while they heal.

Drain hole from the Tummy Tuck after removal of drain from body...

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Thank you for your question.  It is normal to remove the drain and leave the hole open.  I usually put a little antibiotic ointment on it and gauze after the removal of the drain.  They do heal and close on there own nicely. Follow your Plastic Surgeons wound care instructions.  If you have concerns I would recommend following up with your plastic surgeon.  Best of Luck.

Suturing a drain site opening

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The incision site for the drains will close on their own and do not need to be sutured.  These areas usually heal quite well.  

Drain holes are not stitched after drain removal

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In my experience of over 30 years I have never sutured a drain hole after removing a drain.  Your normal tissues will heal the hole in a very short period of time and over the next 7-8 months the scar should becomes smaller and lighter in color.

Tummy Tuck

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Drain holes are not stiched and heal closed within a few days.  Until then some minor drainage is normal.

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Do You Stitch Up Drain Holes?

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Drain holes will close on their own and don't need suturing. It will usually seal in a few days and have a scab that will come off within a few weeks.

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