Massaging Lip After Juvederm Injection

I had 3 injections of Juvederm over 3 weeks and finally have the results I want, except for a couple of bumps on the upper lip. Can I massage them out and/or reshape them? If so, when can I start?

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Juvederm injections to the lips - Los Angeles

Start immediately to massage the lips to avoid any uneven areas. Juvederm lip augmentation is an excellent option to contour lips. I perform these very often with amazing results. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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Massage after lip augmentation

I recommend that you do not massage the filler as you do not want to press too hard and/or move the filler into the wrong place. Lumps and bumps usually resolve on their own, once the filler starts to get incorporated with your own skin tissue. It would be best if you book a follow up appointment with your injector in 1-2 weeks, and he/she can massage any residual lumps or bumps at that time.

Filler bumps in upper lip

Bumps in the upper lip after filler injections usually can be rubbed out during the initial post -treatment phase. This time frame varies, but is usually for only the first few days after treatment. You may want to check with your doctor. Sometimes, Vitrase or Wydase can be used to melt some of it.

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Massaging Lip After Juvederm Injection

Many experienced and expert injectors prefer that you not massage or reshape the treated area without discussing with them first. The injector can then guide you on the appropriate massage or request that you come in so he/she can do the massage.

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Massage after Juvederm Injection

If placed well Juvederm will settile very nicely with normal use of the mouth.  Thus any asymetries usually will correct over the first week or two. Massaging lips after Juvederm is only beneficial in the first 48 hours. If the bumps are visible or bothersome you may want to return to your physician and discuss your concerns. We see our clients a two weeks to address any of these concerns.



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Bumps in Upper Lip After Juvederm


Massaging bumps in the lip after Juvederm placement is best used within the first 1-2 days after your injection.  During this time period, you can often smooth out small bumps and spread them evenly in your lips.  If they persist past this period, you may want to show them to your doctor and see if they would benefit from a small amount of hyaluronidase to dissolve them.

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Massaging the lips

after filler injection of any kind it is beneficial to gently massage the lips. This is because anatomically the lips tend to compartmentalize tissue and injected material. This could lead to a lumpy appearence which gentle massaging can help avoid

Massage after Lip augmentation

Massage should begin early, typically within the first 48 hours.  Many of the small lumps you may feel will likely even out over the next few weeks.

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Too Late

Messaging with Juvederm works best within the first 48 hours and to a limited extent for the first week. After that, I am afraid your efforts will be fruitless. 

   Your photograph is not clear, but your upper lip appears about 1/3 larger than the lower lip. The reverse should be true.  

    If the lumps do not bother you should live with them with the knowledge that the product will eventually dissolve. Otherwise you might return to your physician and have hyaluronidase injections to eliminate the bumps. Sometimes the material can be extruded through a small incision, but anticipate swelling after this manuever. 

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
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Lumps with Juvederm

If you are stating that it has been 3 weeks since your Juvederm treatments, any massaging seems pointless and may lead to delayed swelling.  If the bumps are not noticeable but are only felt, you may want to decide if it's bothersome enough to remedy.  If the lumps are something that you want resolved, hyaluronidase injections are a much easier option than extraction.

Always speak with your practitioner about your options, including massaging.

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