Cartilage + goretex or just cartilage for rhinoplasty? Revision only 2 months since I had rhinoplasty.

My body is rejecting the silicone implant. The doc said that if I want the same results as my new nose, I will have to have goretex for my nose bridge & ear cartilage for my tip. The thing about that is the goretex is also a foreign body. But with using my ear cartilage, there are less risks, but my nose bridge will not be as high. Should I take the risk again and get the goretex+ cartilage or just cartilage. Will using just cartilage still buildup a good about for a nose bridge?

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Silicon Nasal Implants

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Silicone implants are not rejected by the body. If the implant is not placed properly, either poor tissue plane, wrong shape and size or not secured, regardless of the type of implant, it will extrude. The implant has to be custom carved, put in the right plane and secured, only then will it work. Don't get caught up on the material used, it's more important that the implant is inserted correctly by a surgeon that knows how to use implants.

Cartilage grafts

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Cartilage can be taken from your rib or from a cadaver. Usually these do better than alloplastic implants.

Building up nose bridge

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The problem with cartilage is harvesting enough of it, and getting it contoured properly so it looks appropriate. 2-3% of cartilage grafts will disappear.

Gortex is a good alternative, lots available, easier to layer and shape, but 2-3% of Gortex grafts get infected and need to be removed.

Douglas J. Kibblewhite, MD
Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgeon

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