Is It Possible to Have Mandible Advancement Surgery (BSSO) with Just Lower Braces?

had braces as an early teen to align teeth&correct bite.I have always had/hated my weak chin(underdevloped mandible). Considering chin implant but think BSSO surgery would be more correct.To make matters worse i had a baseball injury which led to me losing a front tooth and now having a bridge on 3frnt top teeth.weak chin always makes me very self conscious as a result i tend to push my lower jaw forward.can i have mandible advancement surgery and just have braces to move my bottom teeth back?

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You don't necessarily have to have upper braces

Since you've already had braces your upper teeth may already be all set for surgery.  However, typically when the BSSO is done, the surgeon needs to be able to tie something to upper braces.  And you may need to wear some elastics afterwards.  But that can be overcome with some creative alterations. A thorough exam will help determine if that is indeed the case.  I'm not too far away if you want to come for a visit. 

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Jaw surgery and braces

When there is a jaw discrepancy, the teeth tend to naturally compensate for this discrepancy and move in the opposite direction to make up for the discrepancy. With the teeth in that position, if the jaw is moved via surgery, the bite will not fit because the teeth are in the incorrect position.

The function of braces prior to jaw surgery is to align and 'De-compensate' the teeth position, to put the teeth in the normal natural position in the bone so that the surgery can be performed to ideal position.

If your upper teeth are ideal, then you don't need braces there. If they are not, then you do need braces.

Vijay Bhagia, DMD, MS, Space Center Orthodontics, Houston TX

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