Aftercare For Facelift and Upper Eyelid Surgery for a Patient With Severe Sleep Apnea?

How Do You Manage a Patient with Severe Sleep Apnea After Facelift and Upper Eyelid Surgery when the Patient is Used to Using a CPAP machine at night?

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Sleep Apnea and Facelift Surgery

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If one truly has severe sleep apnea and the diagnosis of sleep apnea requiring a CPAP machine or other device then that patient should be done in a hospital or an outpatient surgery center as they can help monitor post operative care for at least 24 hours so that one does not have an apnea episode after the facelift . These patients should not be given sedation as well, post operatively.

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Aftercare For Facelift and Upper Eyelid Surgery for a Patient With Severe Sleep Apnea?

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 IMHO, severe sleep apnea means not only a reduced invasive type of Face Lift is warranted due to decrease oxygen capacity but the need for at least 2 night after care facility.  Minimal incision type Face Lift, with Upper Eyelid Surgery would seem the logical choice with 2 days aftercare.  Hope this helps.

Facelift and sleep apnea

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Patients with severe obstructive sleep apnea need to be managed cautiously in the post-operative period. I require overnight care in an accredited facility with continuous pulse-oximetry to ensure that you have no desaturation episodes. There are different styles of masks, I would show the mask to your surgeon to ensure that it will not compromise your results.

Todd C. Miller, MD
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Severe sleep apnea and facial surgery

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Whether you are a candidate for elective plastic surgery depends on the severity of your sleep apnea.  Neck tightening could enhance your problem.  Have your surgeon discuss your situation with your sleep specialist.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Facelift after care with sleep apnea

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You should be OK for your facelift with sleep apnea if you can have an upright, head elevated position, right after. Let your surgeon see your CPAP mask so the overnight dressing can be adjusted to fit.

Severe Sleep Apnea and Facelift

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   There are risks of general anesthesia that increase in a person with sleep apnea that may not allow the patient to be a suitable candidate for a facelift.  An anesthesiologist should examine the feasibility of this.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Aftercare for sleep apnea

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I have closely watched pulse oximetry and place a cpap machine set at 8 on the patient. It is possible to do this over the bandage and utilize the smaller nasal canulas.I use a slow stream of oxygen into the cpap.

Facial or Eyelid Surgery for Patient with Sleep Apnea

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This question is best answered by your medical doctor or pulmonary doctor. In my practice in New York, I place a dressing typically without drains after a facelift so the central area of the face is open. It may be better to consider doing the eyes and face on separate occasions just for ease of the aftercare.

Facelift and Eyelid Surgery aftercare for Sleep Apnea

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As other plastic surgeons have stated, your facelift surgeon will want you to spend a night or two in hospital setting, especially with neck tightening, a neck lift, or platysmaplasty. The overnight stay generally applies to all cosmetic surgery for severe sleep apnea patients on CPAP. The purpose is to monitor you breathing and oxygen levels. Your facelift plastic surgeon may advise you to avoid the CPAP machine for the first day or two after cosmetic surgery, depending on the mask size/type and area of surgery.

Only your surgeon can best determine appropriate options for you. Best of luck.


Facelift and Eyelid Surgery Aftercare for Patient with Severe Sleep Apnea

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A patient with Sleep Apnea can use their CPAP machine after surgery. The mask can be modified, for example using nasal pillows, so no pressure is placed on the surgical area. This can be coordinated by the surgeon and the physician treating the sleep apnea. All of my facelift patients go to an aftercare facility, so a patient like this is monitored by the nurses taking care of them.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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