I Am a Male and I Want to Get on Accutane/roaccutane, Can I Still Try for a Baby with my Girlfriend Whilst on the Medication?

im a 21 year old male from the uk. i am wanting to get on to a course of accutane/roaccutane. my question is that i am trying for a baby with my girlfriend and i want to know will i have to stop trying for a baby if i go on this medication? i suppose what im trying to say is the seman dangerous to my girlfriend if i am on the drug and would it effect our baby?

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Accutane and males and pregancy

Accutane has no affect on semen and therefore is fine for men to take while trying to have a baby with their partners. It's only unsafe for the fetus and causes deformities, but none of these have been shown to have any affect on males and semen, so you are fine to keep trying to have a baby. 

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