I have major scleral show, I am having underbite surgery soon and my maxilla will be advanced? (photo)

Will this fix my scleral show? I am having maxillofacial surgery for underbite where my maxilla will be advanced by 7-10mm. Would this fix my scleral show or will I have to undergo a separate surgery for this? I am currently 18 and I seem to be the only person out of everyone I know with this problem and I am very keen on getting it corrected. I am extremely self conscious about it.

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Lifting the lower eyelids

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Hi Thad1995

It looks like you have lower eyelid retraction, or low position of the lower eyelids. This condition can be seen in thyroid disorders so you should have that checked if the reason for your retraction is not known. This condition can be corrected with lower eyelid surgery. Spacer grafts, or implants surgically placed inside the lids are a common an minimally invasive way to significantly help this problem. Mid-face advancement techniques can be performed in some cases.

Detroit Oculoplastic Surgeon

Lower scleral show and maxillary advancement

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Moving the maxilla forward won't have a significant effect on the lower eyelid position. The position of the cheek bones can have an effect and people with very flat cheekbones, where the eyes protrude past the bone (negative vector orbit) tend to have more lower scleral show. You would either need to have some augmentation in the cheek area, and/or have the eyelids/cheek skin raised.

Matheson A. Harris, MD
Salt Lake City Oculoplastic Surgeon
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