Lower Eye Lid Blepharoplasty Surgery 20 Days Ago - Healing Normally or Brewing Complication?

55 lower eye lid Blepharoplasty surgery 20 days ago. Surgeon is highly qualified. Healing slow w swelling and bruising. Seems liked it was improving until yesterday when I developed new swelling on both sides (closer to cheek than suture line) and some stabbing pains which come and go on one side. Doctor away, nurse said internal dissoluble sutures can be the cause. Does it sound like normal healing or a brewing complication? Will the scar fade in time, the other side has much smaller scar.

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Lower Blepharoplasty Recovery

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All of these issues sound like normal healing after a lower blepharoplasty. It takes longer than 3 weeks to heal after this surgery and such events as minor swelling, an area of discomfort, and some asymmetry are all part of the process. Most of these issues will have gone away 6 weeks after surgery but expect full healing in every aspect to take up to 3 months. 

Eyelid Incision

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Difficult without pictures to say. Trust your highly qualified surgeon's opinion combined with close monitoring . Your incisions will continue to improve.

Dr. ES

Lower lid problems

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Without an exam, I can not say for sure what is going on. Best to follow closely with your surgeon. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Lower Lid Blepharoplasty Problems

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Without having a photo or knowing the particular surgical technique that your surgeon performed, it is very difficult to comment. That being said you may have some residual swelling that sometimes takes longer to resolve or this could be some inflammation around a suture ("suture granuloma") that the nurse alluded to. The stabbing pains if not severe or constant may be due to normal healing, particularly of the nerves. This is sometimes described as "prickly/ pinecone/ shooting pains". If the pain is severe and /or constant, you need to be seen by your doctor or another surgeon who should be covering his patients while he/she is away. All scars become less noticeable over time yet this visibility of scars varies considerably based on surgeon technique, patient's healing/health. A patient can help minimize the appearance of scars by massaging the eyelid incisions with Vitamin E, starting 3 weeks after your surgery IF your doctor gives you permission to do so. 

Carrie L. Morris, MD
Grapevine Oculoplastic Surgeon

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