I have some major pain after getting a temporary crown put on, should I go in to see him?

I had a crown prep and temporary crown placed 6 days ago and have had some pain since then. It feels like a throbbing pain and like if I put pressure on it, it will feel better. When I do put pressure on it I get a zing of pain but the throbbing subsides for a short time. I do have some swelling in my face and the pain is getting worse. I woke up last night with the whole side of my face throbbing. My dentist called in some antibiotics and says I don't need to come in, should I go in anyway?

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Should I see my Dentist after a crown prep if I have pain?

If you have swelling  in the face and throbbing pain there is something wrong.  The tooth will probably need a root canal.  However, placing you on an antibiotic is the first step if they can't get you in immediately for treatment.  You will need to see a specialist, Endodontist, for the root canal.  Your other option if the tooth is abcessing, is to have the tooth extracted.  Once a tooth becomes infected you only have 2 options, root canal or extract.  Patients will have biting sensitivity with temporary crowns and sometimes the bite needs an adjustment, but with the symptoms you have, you need to see a dentist/endodontist.

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Pain After Temporary Crown Placed

From what you are describing I think you need to get an appointment with your dentist for an evaluation.  The symptoms that you experiencing are usually seen in a tooth that has an irreversible pulpitis.  This is an inflammation in the nerve of the tooth that is likely not going to get better without treatment. That treament is likely going to be a root canal. As soon as this is completed you will likely feel much better.  See your dentist for a definitive diagnosis.  Good luck. 

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