What is the best treatment for genetic bulging/prominent eyes? (Photo)

I'm 27, male, and healthy. I don't have Graves' disease or any thyroid problems. This is just the way my face looks. My eyes are naturally prominent (scleral show, negative orbital vector, and upper eyelid exposure yippee!). The discoloration around them is also genetic. What is the best treatment for this? I'm doubtful fillers would be sufficient. I had a doctor recommend orbital decompression, but that seems like a bad idea to me because I'd be moving my already deficient orbital further backwards.

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How to reduce the appearance of inherited prominent eyes ?

Your eyes are slightly prominent; not significant.  Technically, cosmetic orbital decompression can be done to set the eyeballs back.  Orbital decompression makes the orbit (eye socket) expand so it allows more room for the eyeball to go back; it does not make the orbital rim to go backwards.  Filling around the eyes can also be done to reduce their bulgy appearance.  Overall, your problem is minor but if it does bother you, cosmetic orbital decompression with or without filling around the eyes with fat or filler can be done.

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Orbital prominence

I would strongly suggest avoiding any skeletal or soft-tissue surgery to improve the cosmetic appearance of minimally prominent eyes. The potential deformity and complications associated with peri-orbital surgery outweigh the small chance of improvement.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
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Aesthetic Refinements in the Treatment of Graves Ophthalmopathy

The best option for you is an orbital rim implant.I have a written a paper on this topic and it is published in the best plastic surgery journal.
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: Sept 2014doi: 10.1097/PRS.0000000000000453
Reconstructive: Head and Neck: Original Articles
Aesthetic Refinements in the Treatment of Graves OphthalmopathyYou will definitely benefit from an implant. 

Gaby D. Doumit, MD
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What is the best treatment for genetic bulging/prominent eyes?

Your problem is very modest but accentuated by significant malar hypoplasia (small cheekbones).  Speak with a surgeon about cheek augmentation and it will change your eye/cheekbone relationship enough that I doubt the minimal eye problem will be of any further concern to you.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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No treatmet

I would consider your face normal and doing orbital decompression would too aggressive.
I would not recommend any surgery at this time.  

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Prominent eyes

Orbital decompression is a lot of surgery to go through for relatively minor problems. First of all there is nothing wrong with the upper lids. I see the negative vector but only the right eye has a small amount of scleral show. I would recommend fillers to build up the lateral and inferior orbital rim area and work upwards towards the lid margin. I would not be surprised if this approach corrected both the negative vector and the scleral show.

Use temporary fillers first then if you like the results, more permanent fillers like Artefill can be used, at least on the orbital rims. If there is any residual scleral show, this can be corrected with eyelid surgery alone.

The idea behind orbital decompression is to expand the orbits into the ethmoid sinus and perhaps the temporal fossa as well. Now that there is more room in the orbit, the eyeball can sink back a little, reducing the appearance of bulging eyes. This works but I don't think you need it.

Peter T. Truong, MD
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Prominent eyes.

Your eyes look normal to everyone but you. There is so little to gain and much risk of looking worse--NO SURGERY.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Consider no treatment for this minor issue.

I think orbital decompression is a poor idea and I would caution you about any surgery to correct very modest lower eyelid position.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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