How is the supratip removed?

If I have a supratip and I want it removed to make the bridge straight, how is this done? What other impacts does this have?

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How to Remove Supratip Fullness

Supratip fullness can be removed by lowering the profile above the tip or increasing tip projection. A picture would be helpful but this can be accomplished with lengthening your nose as you asked in a previous post. 

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Supra tip removal?

I need to see photographs in order to advise you. There are many reasons for supratip fullness. You need to see several rhinoplasty revision experts who can advise you on the best approach for your problem. 

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Supratip fullness has nothing to do with support, i.e. making your nose straight; it does have to do with making your tip less prominent as it should be lower than the tip; most often it remains higher than the tip not the lead point of the dorsum; often called polly beak deformity; to lower the supratip you must consider removal of dorsal septal cartilage, soft tissue fat.

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Revision rhinoplasty procedure

The supratip is an area just slightly above the nasal tip just before the bridgeline starts. Some patients have a convex supratip,  while others have a slightly concave supratip, known as a supra-tip break. A supra-tip break is a natural defining point between bridgeline and the tip. The nose is a three-dimensional structure, so any changes made to the supratip will be  noticed in three dimensions.

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