Am I suitable for no prep veneers? (Photo)

I have an overbite and crowded crooked bottom teeth. I'm thinking about getting veneers as I'm going to be filming soon and feel conscious of my teeth as the work I do is focused on my mouth. I would of rathered get braces but as this is for my career I wanted something done sooner. But I am worried about the fact i'd have to get my natural teeth shaven down. Is there a chance I could get no prep veneers instead?

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Thank you for posting your question!  I would suggest getting the teeth straightened first to relieve the crowding and correcting the overbite.  Then see if you need veneers.  Invisalign may help you achieve this.  They are clear aligners and can be removed as needed.  Long term, it will be a healthier and more conservative option.  If at the end of treatment you still don't like the way your teeth look then you can always add veneers.  The no prep can work in some cases but often times they can look a little bulky when no preparation is done. I would suggest you to be very specific about what you want the final outcome to look like so that you are not disappointed at the end. Having a conversation with the dentist you choose will be very important so that  your expectations are met. Hope that helps!  Good Luck!      

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I do not think so

I really do not feel you can correct your situation adequately using veneers. Since you say your work in filming is focused on your mouth, it is going to be very difficult to disguise the crookedness of your lower teeth by using veneers alone. I absolutely love the years, but I do not want to use them in the wrong situation. In addition, teeth have to fit together properly in order to make veneers work without causing wear and breakage of teeth or porcelain. I do think you are an excellent case for Invisalign which is a less noticeable form of orthodontic treatment which could be done in a matter of months. This would allow you to have a straight, beautiful smile without any kind of restoration on your teeth. Even if you placed veneers on your lower teeth, they would continue to drift upward and backward toward your tongue further complicating your dental issue.
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Hello there,
While prep less veneers are sometimes a great option for patients, they are typically only used to conceal minor imperfections or discolorations in teeth. If you are the type of person that wants instant results and are willing to compromise tooth structure, then a combination of minimal prep veneers and porcelain crowns would be a great option for you. The best thing to do is to get a veneer consult at an excellent cosmetic dental office. Be sure to review the before and after photos of your potential dentist before choosing him or her. I'll link a photo of a patient of mine who's case was similar to yours. Good luck and I hope this info helps you. Follow me if you have more questions.

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