Can veneers or a crown fix my shifted midline. (photo)

I have a missing bilateral incisor that caused my midline to shift and my teeth were also crowded. I have always been very insecure with my smile because of midline. How can I fix my midline? Please help

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Veneers can enhance the esthetics of your teeth and help with midlines in mild situations. In your circumstance I would recommend to undergo orthodontic treatment to position the teeth and correct the midlines; once done, then evaluation can be made to proceed with veneer treatment to enhance the esthetics further if desired.All the best,

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Hello there,
Generally speaking, it is possible to correct a midline shift by using porcelain veneers if the midline shift is small. A greater midline shift is more difficult to treat but can be improved with porcelain veneers. I would recommend orthodontics to correct your smile. The first step would be to reopen the space and correct the alignment. Following this, a dental implant or bridge will be placed to replace the missing lateral incisor. I would recommend consulting with an orthodontist and an experienced cosmetic dentist to determine your options. Always look at before and after photos when selecting your dentist. They will give you a pretty good indication about what you can expect. Good luck and I hope this info helps you. Follow me if you have more questions.

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Dear Stacy:

You have a lovely smile, but it is noticeably shifted since you are missing a tooth. There are only two choices in your case. either leave things alone and live with it, which is not so bad since your smile is beautiful and most people do not notice the shift in the midline.  The other choice is much more involved. It would require Consulting with an orthodontist and removing one of the premolars on your right side (one of the teeth behind your Canine). The  teeth can be moved to the right over a period of time and place the midline in the right location. As treatment progresses,  you might have to make a decision on what to do with the spaces that open up on your left side. That can be addressed either with an implant or close the space with braces which will take a while. I actually have a young woman who is going through exactly this treatment right now and we are very happy with her progress. As I said, the only drawback is that it takes a long time,  but if this bothers you enough, this is the choice for you. Placing veneers or crowns at this time can not correct for the midline and will only damage your teeth in the long run. Please talk to your orthodontist about this option.

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yes, yr upper midline is shifted to left [approx - 4mm] . if u want to correct it , than u have to go for braces treatment. but its my advice to do not worry about that. as i can see from yr smile, yr central incisors r up-righted perfectly so its hardly noticeable. yr case is same as 'tom cruise' see his smile.

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