Will shaving skin if using a home ILP treatment make hair thicker? Do home ILP kits work?

Will shaving skin if using a home ILP treatment make hair thicker? Im use to waxing never shaving. Recently using an electric epilator on a weekly basis. Im concerned about the effects of shaving on my skin because i develop irritation, rash and ingrown hair easily with it so i kept away for a really long time. Will shaving (For home ILP treatment) ruin my skin or body hair. And is home ILP treatment effective as going to a salon?

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IPL treatment-- Seek an Expert

Lasers done by a well trained laser physician do a significant amount more than anything at home. IPL typically can cause hair loss. suggest you speak to a cosmetic expert for a consultation.  Best, Dr. Emer

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Shaving and IPL

Thank you for your question sdshits. Home IPL devices can be used for hair reduction. When performing laser hair removal, it is important to have the area shaved so that the skin is not burned from the treatment. However, plucking and waxing before a laser hair removal treatment will decrease the efficacy because they are removing the base of the hair which is the target for the laser. Shaving only removes the surface portion of the hair, leaving the base intact. I am not sure what treatments you are referring to that are done at a salon, perhaps waxing. The benefit of laser hair removal is that it lasts much longer than other types of hair removals. Please speak with a doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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