Can pontics, or pontic spaces be added to Invisalign trays?

I was in an accident which caused dental devastation. The 3 teeth behind the U L Canine were broken & extracted 8 tooth shifted forwards I wear an Essix with 3 pontics It works well esthetically (There are no teeth on the upper left behind the lateral canine) I will be having a bone graft & implants placed soon Invisalign planned to move #8 back into alignment. Question: Is it possible to add pontic spaces to the distal end of Invisalign ? How? Scan wearing Essix?

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Yes, pontics can be added.

Pontics are completely programmable into the Invisalign system when the dentist is creating thier prescription for your case. The pontics can be filled in with tooth colored material to show the teeth are appearing to be present where they are missing.

Invisalign with missing teeth

Invisalign works well with missing teeth, since there is no problem adding them into the tray so the space should not be visible when you are warring the trays

Tanya Vaysman, DMD
New York Orthodontist
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