Can I change the course of treatment with Invisalign? (Photos)

I just started Invisalign a week ago. Now looking at the predicted outcome, I just noticed that I will have an inverted smile arc by the end of treatment. I didn't know before that this is aestheticall not pleasing in dentist's book. No one told me. I approved the plan on the basis that my teeth will be straighter. Now I'm worried.(I even tried to photoshop my picture to see what my new smile might be like). Can I tell my dentist to come up with a new plan of treatment now? Will it cost more money?

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​Mid Course Invisalign Correction

Mid Course Invisalign Correction is possible, especially if it has only been a week since you started your Invisalign treatment. Your dentist may or may not decide to make a new mold, but new aligners will need to be made to avoid the inverted smile arc. Because of the extra time involved, you may be charged more for your mid course Invisalign Correction. Call your dentist or orthodontist beforehand to check on prices for Mid Course Invisalign Correction. Good luck with your new smile!

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Can I change the course of treatment with Invisalign?

Yes your dentist can change the course of treatment. basically they have to take a new impression /mold , if you just started 1 week ago maybe not even that, than he order from company new treatment, it called midcourse correction. However it might necessitate separate charges.
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