Didn't wear invisalign retainer for ~ 6 weeks, is it really bad for my mouth to put them back in?

I finished invisalign 3 years ago. But I was traveling recently and forgot to wear my invisalign retainer for about 6 weeks. I just put them back in, & my front 2 teeth hurt pretty bad and feel kind of loose. The invisalign fit over all my teeth fine, so I figured it's okay as long as I can bare the pain..? My question is: Is this really bad for my front 2 teeth ligaments to stretch this much at once, or is it okay since the invisalign do fit over the teeth and I just need to bare the pain?

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Try to wear them as much as possible, even with the temporary pain

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Hi,Sorry to hear you have some pain from wearing your retainer after skipping 6 weeks. The reason you are having pain is because your teeth have shifted in the time you were without the retainers, and you are once again undergoing orthodontic movement via your retainers. Theoretically, teeth should be stable after about two years, and you state it's been about 3 years, so it tells me that your teeth will continue to move if you do not wear your retainers consistently. The reason your teeth feel loose and painful is because teeth move via an inflammatory process. Your bone has to once again remodel to accommodate for the position the roots (teeth) were previously in. This pain and looseness will subside in a few days (week). I would recommend that if you do take something for pain, DO NOT take ibuprofen, because as an anti-inflammatory, it will slow down that movement back to the proper place. A Tylenol or two should do the trick. You will be fine in a few days, and keep wearing that retainer (or get a lingual (permanent) bar retainer. Good Luck!!! -Dr. Alvarez

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It is OK.

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Expect some pain, this is normal and should be fine in a few days. If the teeth settle in to the retainers, you are fortunate and the little bit of pain is a small price compared to retreatment.

Pain after failing to wear #Invisalign retainer #DrSoftTouch

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Hello there,
Teeth have a tendency to shift or move back to their original position. This is why wearing your Invisalign retainer as directed is so important. Wearing your retainer is the only guarantee to keep your teeth from relapsing. Continue wearing your retainer and your teeth should move back into position and the pain should subside. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

Sarah Thompson, DMD
St. Louis, MO area (O'Fallon, IL)
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