Invisalign gap between teeth and tray. Any suggestions? (photos)

I change my aligners every week. I'm on week 6/60. When I put in #6, there was a noticeable gap between my teeth and the tray. I used chewies, and wore it for a day. I'm out of town, and called my ortho, who is unavailable. His assistant told me to go back to #5, but now that same problem is on #5 too. That wasn't there next week. I'm unsure what I should do, nobody is available and I won't be able to see my ortho before next Thursday. Should I stay on #5 or #6? (#7 also has same problem).

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Your aligners are meant to be worn for 2 weeks. Unless you are using and orthodontic accelerator you should not be changing your aligners every week, but rather every 2 weeks. Go back to the aligner that fits the best, if its 5, or 4, or 3. Continue to wear that aligner for 2 weeks, then move forward with the rest of the aligners, changing every 2 weeks. Then visit your provider when he is available again.All the best.

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Wear set 6

If aligner set number 5 fit at the end of your two week period of wearing them, go ahead and put number 6 in again and keep using your chewies and it should settle in within a couple of days. If for some reason it doesn't, you'll need to see your dentist when you get back home to see if you need any IPR slenderizing that may be prescribed in your treatment plan and just hasn't been done yet. Aligners do not fit right at the beginning because they are designed for where your teeth are going to be two weeks later. They should, however, fit completely on your teeth at the end of a two-week period of wearing that set.

Space between tray and the teeth

It is never a bad idea to wear a tray for few more days as it can only help the teeth move better with it. You should probably wear tray 5 for few more days, if the space is gone after that you can switch to 6 again

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