Patchy growth at 11 months?

I'm 11 months post FUE and one temple has less hair than the other. Is it possible at 11 months for this to happen? I thought at 12 months the finish product arrived

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Patchy Growth

Generally at 11 months you should not really have patchy results.  Most likely those grafts did not survive.  I would recommend following up with your doctor and discuss about possibly having it corrected.

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Patchy Growth 11 months following an FUE procedure?

Dear tomforde,

Thank you for your question.  Following a hair restoration procedure, typically by 11 months, the overwhelming majority of hairs that are going to grow have either grown out or at least started to grow.  This is determined by the physiology of the hair follicle.  

Unlike nail beds, which make our fingernails for the duration of our lives, hair follicles make hair in cycles.  The timing of the cycles is as follows:

Anagen (growing phase): 2-7 years
Catagen (short phase before resting phase): 2-3 weeks
Telogen (resting phase): 3-8 months

The stress of the FUE hair transplant can trigger a portion of the follicles to come out of the anagen phase of growth and enter catagen, followed by 3-8 months of telogen.  The hairs re-enter the anagen, or growing phase, after 3-8 months.  So, the follicles that shed their hairs as a result of the transplant typically return by 8 months.  By 11 months I would consider you nearly at the end of the "new hair" growth.  

Uncommonly it can take 18-24 months to see the full effect of the hair restoration. I would suggest a return appointment with your treating physician to discuss the results.

Ken Anderson, MD, FISHRS
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It is not normal

First and foremost follow up with your doctor.

You may have un-diagnosed hair loss such as alopecia areata (patchy hair loss).
You may have an infection causing hair loss (such as ring worms)
You may have poor surgical results.

The best bet is to follow up with your doctor. 

Jae Pak, MD
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Hair growth after transplant

It may take up to18 months for all the hair to grow in, however by twelve months most of the hair should have grown in already.  Just wait a fee more months and then go see your doctor for a follow up visit to compare some before and after pictures. 

Michael Meshkin, MD
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11 months with patchy hair growth on the frontal hairine

I am assuming you are male not female so I would eliminate autoimmune diseases which are rarely present in men at the frontal hairline and cause hair loss of the transplanted grafts. If there is something wrong in the growth, I generally recommend to see your surgery and discuss whether your expectations and his match. A good doctor/patient relationship is important and he is a vested in your outcome as your are. Don't be shy, go back to your doctor and discuss your results with him/her.

William Rassman, MD
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11 months growth after hair transplant

Although some people show their full result by month 11, there are few patients that have late onset growth and the final could be seen after the first year.  I think you have to go back to your doctor so he can evaluate your results and start searching for possible causes.

Parsa Mohebi, MD
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Finale results can take 18 months.  Results do not always work as expected and touch ups should be planned for just in case. 

Rashid M. Rashid, PhD, MD
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