I had FUE of 2700 grafts 15 days back and now while head washing I find hairs on my gauze. Is it normal?

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I washed my head 15 days after a hair transplant

and found hairs on my washcloth (Gauze). These most probably reflect shedding grafts and that is normal provided you did the wash gently. Your doctor should have given you the directions, and as long as you followed them, don't worry.

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Post op care after transplant

It is probably the scabs and the hair that is attached to scabs are most likely the hair shafts.  This is normal.  The hair shaft falls off with the scabs and the follicle remains under the scalp. It will them start to grow in after a few months. 

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You need to see your doctor for at least a recheck.
Why would you still have gauze on your head (after 15 days).

In general it is normal to see some hairs (not grafts) falling out after surgery. 
It is not normal to see many grafts falling out after surgery (2 or 3 is OK).

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Transplanted hairs falling out

Don't worry about your transplanted hairs falling out at this stage as it is quite normal. They should start to regrow in 3-4 months so you will need to be patient.

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Hair loss after surgery

you are right on track.  in fact, it is best for these hairs to come out.  If they don't come out, they will lead to pimples and cysts eventually because non-growing hair is a foreign body.  

Get rid of these hair follicles.  After 6 days the grafts are in solid and you can't pull them out.  Use a gauze, wash cloth or even tweezers to get rid of any hair follicle that is not growing.  You will know it is growing only if it continues to elongate.  If it just sits there, then it is not growing and you should do your best to get the follicles out.  The follicles will have a characteristic "J" shape at the end.  These are dead, non-growing hairs.  

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It sounds correct

You should follow your doctors instructions and stay in close contact with any concerns.  At this point, you are right on track.  But just curious, why are you using gauze? 

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Hair transplants steps

What you are describing is normal. Losing hair is step 2 in a hair transplant.  Be sure to review with your surgeon the steps and what to expect. 

Here is a brief overview:

  1. hairs go in (day 1)
  2. hairs fall out (day 4-30)
  3. hair come back up (day 70-180)
  4. Final results:15 months

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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