Can someone try the Orbera balloon if they've previously had a gastric bypass?

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You do not have the stomach left for that. You have had a bypass operation - it is far better than this - so best to now learn to cook, learn to eat - and use the tool you have. 

Scottsdale Bariatric Surgeon
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Orbera gastric balloon after gastric bypass

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No you can not have the Orbera or reshape gastric balloon after gastric bypass or after any previous gastric surgery. Band over bypass is a great option as revision to gastric bypass.

Orbera after gastric bypass

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Orbera is contraindicated after gastric bypass. With gastric bypass the size of the stomach has be made smaller and placing a balloon would quite possibly completely obstruct anything that you would attempt to eat or drink.

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Darrien Gaston, MD, FACP, FACG
Chicago Gastroenterologist

Orbera gastric balloon after gastric bypass

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You cannot have the Orbera balloon after gastric bypass. After the bypass surgery, there is a very small stomach pouch conected to your esophagus (food pipe) and thus cannot accomodate the balloon. Also, the gastric bypass should have produced better results than those expected from the balloon. If the gastric bypass outcome was not as expected, it usually indicates a dietary problem. If there is reason to suspect a complication from the surgery, such as a fistula (hole) towards the bypassed stomach, you should then seek medical evaluation. If not, then you should consult a dietician/nutritionist and engage in an exercise program if possible

Balloon for Weight Regain after Gastric Bypass

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Unfortunately an intragastric balloon can not be used to undo weight regain after a gastric bypass.  The balloon can not be placed (it is an absolute contraindication) whenever there has been previous stomach surgery.  That includes gastric bypass.  

Some degree of weight regain after gastric bypass is a common occurrence, but every attempt should be made to keep it under 25% of the total weight previously lost.  In my opinion, weight regain beyond that amount should warrant investigations.  The causes are various and complicated, including anatomical, nutritional, psychological or some combination thereof.  To best figure out why you are having trouble with weight regain and how it can be reversed, I would get a thorough evaluation by a Bariatric surgeon who has experience with revisional surgery.  That way they have options at their disposal, and will be less likely to reflexively blame you as the reason the operation is not working and send you home with a prescription to "try harder."  Good luck, and don't forget how far you have come since before your gastric bypass in the first place. 

Daniel J. Rosen, MD
New York Bariatric Surgeon
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