Any way I can get my nose a little smaller without any plastic surgery, creams, or make-up? (Photos)

I hate my big nose! When I smile it gets bug which I hate. I would like to find a way I could get my nose a little smaller withour surgery.I tried squeezing my nose a couple of times a day, and all it would do is make me have occasional nose bleeds. I'm really self-concious about it, and I'm afraid I won't like to smile anymore.

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Keep Smiling!

Hi Alani and thanks for your question. You are still very young and your nose is still growing and changing. Doing anything to it right now could have bad repercussions later on. Also, your nose looks great. Don't pay attention to anyone who says otherwise. It fits your face, it looks cute and you have a great smile. Beauty has many different faces. Magazines and TV only show us a few of them. I would not recommend changing your nose.

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Non-surgical nose reduction

Thank you for asking about your non-surgical nose reduction.'
  • Unfortunately you cannot make the nose smaller without surgery, only larger.
  • A minor surgical procedure called an 'alar reduction' done in the office may be all you need -
  • Please see a plastic surgeon to discuss what can be done so you don't fear smiling!
  • You have a lovely smile.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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