Am I a good candidate for lip lift? I'm 23 year old woman.

I've had 5 lip filler treatments during the past 4 years, as I found my lips being a bit too small. However, I've realised the size is not my main issue. When I talk or my mouth is open, all you can see is my lower teeth. Barely any upper teeth show, unless I'm smiling - when smiling you see my upper teeth very clearly, so no problems with that. My philtrum is 20 mm, but I've read 11-13 mm is ideal. I'm not bothered by that itself, only the fact that my upper teeth are "hidden" unless smiling.

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Lip lift - good idea?

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Thank you for asking about your lip lift.

  • Your lip doesn't look long in the photo but if it is 20 mm then it is quite long.
  • It sounds as though a lip lift is a good solution for you.
  • on average we reduce the lip 25% - some people want more but they have to take the risk because once shortened, the lip can't be lengthened again.
  • There is not an ideal - the ideal varies from face to face.
  • But a study has shown that the average length at age 30 is 11 mm, this does not make it everyone's idea but can be used as a guide.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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