Lip Injections: should I go to Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist?

Hi! I ve been wanting to get my lips a bit enhanced for a while now and did go to Plastic surgeon to inject juvederm ultra plus(2 ml) two months ago,my lips were deformed, asymmetrical, had huuuuge lump and had to dissolve it in 2 days. I want to try it again and taking more time choosing dr to perform it,but I didnt find many lip injection examples at the doctors websites in my area. Do you think dermatologist is a better choice cause she/he works with fillers more often than plastic surgeons?

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Dermatologic Surgeons typically are best at injections.

Derm surgeons excel  at injections and do their own injections whereas many plastic surgeons have their nurses do their injections for them for good reason. To be fair, some plastic surgeons can do a decent job of injectable fillers and botox but why risk it.

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Lip Injector

No matter the specialty, you should go to a professional who feels comfortable and has a lot of experience with cosmetic lip augmentation.  Sometimes, word of mouth is the best way to find a specialist who is most compatible with you.  Luckily, there are many to choose from in Southern California.  Good luck!

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Lip Injections and Dermatolgists

The choice should really be who injects a lot.  I find that most plastic surgeons are by definition are surgeons and want to spend their time operating.  Dermatologists, who are primarily injecting and doing cosmetic dermatology are injecting all day long.  The key is to find someone who is experienced and constantly injecting to have the best results. 

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Plastic surgeon or dermatologist for lip injections

Thank you for your question.  You are debating between two of the core aesthetic specialties.  In general, both should be very qualified providing they do a moderate volume of injectables.  I am a plastic surgeon, but I also train other dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other physicians on injectables.  There is definitely a range of skills out there and I know that in my own practice, my skills are only improving with time and experience.  I would recommend that you choose an experienced injector whether they are derm or plastic in the case for lip augmentation shouldn't matter much.

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Injector for lip augmentation

Hello Name1234,

That question is certainly subject to a lot of personal preferences amongst physicians.  The ones with the most experience will be facial plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists.  Some do more injections than others.  I would recommend you ask around (if you feel comfortable doing that) among your friends for personal recommendations.  You can look at review websites and see if anyone commented on lip injections.  You can see if there are any before and afters for the person you choose but getting these are difficult since happy patients don't come back until the effects wear off for the after picture.  Make sure you feel comfortable with your injector and that he or she performs a lot of these injections.  

I hope this helps and good luck.  

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Choose a doctor who does a lot of injectables

I'm a plastic surgeon, and I love to operate, but I also do a lot of facial injectables.  There are plastic surgeons and dermatologists who do a lot of injectables, and there are those who don't. We generally don't have a lot of before/after pics of our fillers, because our patients tend to not return until they need more.  It's more common to have surgical before/after pics than injectable before/afters.  Talk to the front office staff when you schedule your appointment.  You'll be able to tell whether you're calling an office that does a lot of fillers if they can answer your questions quickly and fully.  

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Lip Injections: should I go to Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist?

Both physicians are skilled and trained in lip injections so choose one with whom you are comfortable and who does a lot of lip fillers. Best of luck!

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I think it depends on the physician. I think when it comes to lips you want someone that has the qualifications, experience and is willing to take the time to make sure your lips are done right.  You don't want someone that just rushes you in and out.  We have an entire website dedicated to our results and what we do for lips. I would look for someone who can demonstrate their results with before and after photos.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions.
I hope this was helpful,
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