Can I fly on a plane & swim 1 week post endoscopic septopasty & turbinate surgery?

I am going on vacation 1 week after my scheduled endoscopic septopasty & turBinate surgery. Can I fly 1 week after that? And can I go swimming?

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Post op septoplasty

This really depends on how swollen you are after the surgery.  If you are swollen and can't breathe through your nose for the time being, the airplane ride may be uncomfortable due to the pressure changes.  I would recommend that you ask your surgeon about this.  You may want to wait to swim as you don't want to get an infection during the early postoperative period-- the length of time to wait is different for surgeons.  So, ask your surgeon about this as well.

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Flying on a plane after rhinoplasty

Dear babidawl,
  • I suggest that my patients wait 8 days before flying on a plane
  • I also give them Afrin nasal spray to take before and during the flight to reduce the risk of bleeding
  • You should 3 weeks before swimming, but this is also up to your surgeon
Best,Dr. Nima

Nima Shemirani, MD
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Postoperative recovery from a septoplasty and turbinate surgery

At one week after the procedure, there is still lots of swelling inside the nose and most patients are unable to breathe through the nose for a minimum of one week. More importantly, the chance of a nosebleed is rather low, but if it's going to happen, it's most commonly going happen on day 7 to 10 after the surgical procedure. Best to check with your operative surgeon and have backup availability in case you get a nosebleed wherever you're going

William Portuese, MD
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