I'm exactly 6 months post-op. Still no improvement in my breathing. Should I be seen and by who?

I had a 3 hour Surgery that included Septoplasty, Turbinoplasty, Opening of the Sinuses, Bilateral cartilage grafts for Vestibular stenosis, Rhinoplasty, and cartilage placed in the L nostril opening. The grafts are placed very high over the cartilage existing on sides of the nose) I still have collapse when I inhale. Also feel resistance high up in my passages. Difficult to clean out other than with saline rinses. The passages are so narrow even a q-tip rubs on both sides trying to get it thru.

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6 months with no airway improvement

First off, whoever did your surgery is extremely fast! That's a lot to do in 3 hours.
Unfortunately, if you've received no benefit after 6 months it's unlikely that significant improvements are pending. Although you should wait at least a year to judge the results you might be a candidate for revision surgery in the future. Good luck!

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