I have a crooked chin after genioplasty. Would burring be a good option? (Photo)

I had a genioplasty with upper jaw surgery. It reduced my chin 4 mm horizontally. It was immediately apparent after surgery that it was asymmetrical; excess bone juts out on the left side & juts in under the tongue area on the right. The result after swelling subsided is an entire chin that is off to the left. A still picture does not do it justice. I would really like to fix this asymmetry. I also would like to shape and reduce my chin vertically a bit. Would burring be a good option?

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Chin Surgery, Genioplasty

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Minor corrections can be corrected by contouring with a bur.  Vertical reduction over 3-4mm often required making a cut in the mid portion of the chin to retain the natural shape of the chin.  Simply shaving if off from the bottom may leave an undesired and unnatural appearance of the chin.  3-D imaging with office CT scan can help surgeons and patients visualize their facial bones in great detail to aid with diagnosis and planning.

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Reduction Genioplasty Asymmetry

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For this type of bony asymmetry after a reduction sliding genioplasy, burring would be a good contouring technique. (at least based on what is seen in this one picture)

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