Propel Orthodontics.. Truthful response about the pain level of the Accelerator treatment and speed of the Vpro5 alone. (photo)

I'm on tray 1/33 of Invisalign, predicted treatment time: 18-22 months. What are the actual statistics for JUST the Propel Vpro5 as opposed to the device & accelerator (I've heard with both that it's around a 50%-70% cut, but can't find any sources about JUST the Vpro5!). Also, Is it possible to just get the Vpro5 without the Accelerator treatment along with it? (I know it will be faster with both.) I have a low pain tolerance (Even pressure from a SMALL cavity being filled was too much)

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Vpro5 can be used without the Propel Acceleration procedure or used together with the procedure.

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VPro5 is an innovative orthodontic device that uses high-frequency vibrations to complement your clear aligner therapy. The product is used in conjuction with your doctors aligner treatment plan and clear aligner therapy (Invisalign, Clear Correct, MTM, etc.)  VPro5 is used for only 5 minutes per day, the VPro5 vibrates gently to help ensure that aligners are fully engaged with secure and proper seating. PROPEL a leader in advanced conservative accelerated orthodontic tooth movement created VPro5 - a single device used throughout the course of orthodontic treatment, from start to finish to retention to aid in proper aligner seating and better and quicker tracking towards alignment.  

The device is very convenient and fits in the average Adult busy and hectic lifestyle.  It is worn for a minimum of 5 minute wear time per day.  With aligners seated over the teeth the Vpro5 is placed in the mouth and held in place by gently biting into the soft mouthpiece.  There is a gradual ramp up to full vibration frequency over a 5 min time frame.  These gentle precise vibrations allow for fully engaged aligners and has yielded quicker and more predictable proper tooth alignment and delivers a therapeutic effect as well to the patient creating a more comfortable treatment over all.

I am true believer that Clear Aligner Therapy to align teeth should be coupled with Vpro5 for a better patient experience, a more precise fitting aligner, and a reduction in overall treatment time.  Investing in straightening your teeth is a decision that will lead to more confidence, better oral health and a beautiful smile.  To use adjuncts for a quicker and more predictable outcome can only help.  Propel doctors can couple Vpro5 with Propel Micro Oseo Perforations.  This treatment, not for the squeamish, uses the bodies response to minor injury (dimpling of the gum and bone around the teeth) to accelerate tooth movement even more precisely and typically up to 70% faster treatment time.  I have had great success with using the Propel systems with my Clear aligner treatments! 

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