Why do chemical peels make you purge and in how many days can you see your skin normal again after the peel?

Does it take 2 weeks,cause that's what ive heard

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Purge usually means flushing out the digestive track.

Chemical peels come in a wide variety of strengths.  They cause the facial skin to turn over and thereby rejuvenate the face to various degrees depend on the strength of the agent.  These vary from the mildest of peels that are zero down time to the strongest of peels that rival what can be accomplished with surgery.  Although lasers are sexy, the truth is that chemical peels are much more powerful and versitle.  As a note of caution, do not order these peeling agents from the Internet and do it yourself.  A great deal of know how is required to stay out of trouble and get the best possible results.

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Healing of skin peels

Thank you for your question about your facial peel.

  • To be sure I understand the question, by purge you have in mind the shedding of the skin?
  • Skin shedding depends on the peel depth.
  • Glycolic and other no-down time peels do not cause skin shedding and no healing time.
  • TCA peels go deeper, and skin peels usually in 10 - 14 days.
  • Phenol peels go even deeper - the skin does not peel, healing takes about 14 days and skin remains reddened for months
  • Please see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for advice on the appropriate peel for you skin and skin condition
  • Please do not do an at-home TCA peel.
Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes

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Chemical Peels

There are all different strengths and types of chemical peels.  You need to discuss with your treating physician before your peel what type and how long the recovery is.  Some peels can peel a week or more.  It is best to consult a board certified dermatologist with expertise in chemical peels for the best cosmetic results. Best, Dr. Green

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