Will buccal fat removal or facial liposuction achieve the look I desire? (photos)

Hello , I hate my chubby round face. I desire a more angular jawline and thinner cheeks , kind of like Adriana Lima's...I notice that her face shape is alot similar to mines except it's thinner and her jawline is more angular. What would be my best option? Buccal fat removal or facial liposuction along with injections of radiesse for the angular jawline look?

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Will buccal fat removal or facial liposuction achieve the look I desire? = not really #buccalfatpadremoval

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Achieving a thin, defined and chiseled face requires to address multiple factors, specially in patients with large faces that might have some over weight.

The factors that need to be addressed to achieve a chiseled face generally are:

-Overall body fat: weight loss to achieve a normal or low normal weight for the height ( normal BMI) is a must.

-lower cheek fullness: these could be addressed surgically with buccal fat pad removal

-anterior and lateral cheek bone projection: lack of cheek bone projection requires either cheek implants or soft tissue fillers like voluma

-Saggy facial skin: young people usually doesn't have saggy facial skin However,

Patients interested in achieving a chiseled facial appearance with plastic surgery  should make a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specialized in plastic surgery procedures of the face

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Buccal fat removal vs facial lioposuction

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Buccal fat removal removes a distinct pad of fat in the face and can help slim a face and crate a more contoured look.  Facial liposuction is usually not recommended as it can lead to uneven contours along the face.  Neck liposuction is however beneficial to creating an improved jawline.  Seek consultation from a surgeon with experience in facial anatomy.

Anil R. Shah, MD
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Buccal fat extraction and neck/chin lipo

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Hi and thanks for sharing.  Buccal fat extraction will help contour the lower cheek area and lipo for under the chin and below and along the jawline will define these areas.  So the two procedures work in different areas to help with achieving a slimmer lower face and neck.  Consult with an experienced board certified surgeon to see if you are a candidate.

Raymond E. Lee, MD
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Slimmer face

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If your weight is stable (no weight loss desired or anticipated) then buccal fat removal will help slim out your face. Good luck. Best, Dr H

Sanaz Harirchian, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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