Botched Restylane under eyes, now doctor rejects hyaluronidase and wants to SQUEEZE the Restylane out? (photos)

1 month post op, bigger bags+discolouration. Dr appears to have injected too superficially and in wrong places. Went back for consultation. Dr rejects hyaluronidase, says it can dissolve and destroy natural acids and cause more discolouration (contrary to what I read on here), and wants to poke a hole and SQUEEZE it out? Is this safe? Risks?? He insists this is best, and that hyaluronidase is only last resort. He also wants to inject more Restylane afterwards, this time deeper. Can I trust him??

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Hyluronidase to Remove Restylane

Hi URL.  We would not suggest trying to remove the product by squeezing it out.  It sounds like your injector either does not use Vitrase (Hyaluronidase) or does not know how to use it.  Vitrase is only designed to dissolve Hyaluronic acid products like Restylane.  It will have no effect on the other tissue.

Find a practice that is more experienced in using Vitrase.  To see a Juvederm reversal in Los Angeles, click the link below.

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Restylane under the eyes

Thank you for your question.

Looks like the product was placed above and not under the tear troughs. The product can be dissoluted with Vitrase 2 weeks post injection.

Dr Karamanoukian
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Hratch Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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I would not recommend squeezing Restylane out.

I would not recommend squeezing Restylane out. Hyaluronidase works well and can be used to dissolve the product if your results are that bad. I would visit a new board-certified dermatologist for a second opinion on what should be done in your case.

Karen Beasley, MD
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Restylane - Unhappy with bags under eyes

Thank you for your question. I am sorry you did not have the result you desired. This can be easily corrected with hyaluronidase injection to dissolve the filler. It is completely absurd to think it can be "squeezed out". Please see an experienced board certified plastic surgeon. Hope this helps!

Steven J. Rottman, MD, FACS
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Tear Trough Fillers -- Try Cannulas; hylauronidase if unhappy

If you are unhappy do venus legacy treatments and inject hyaluronidase.  Filler is almost impossible to "squeeze" out of this area.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Hyaluronidase is the answer!!!!  Simply put using Vitrase or any hyaluronidase will most likely fix your problem. I would NOT squeeze the product out under any circumstance whatsoever!!!  I highly advise you to seek a second opinion.  Best of Luck.

Payman Danielpour, MD, FACS
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Dissolving Restylane

Thank you for your question and photos.  The beauty of Restylane is that we do have an agent that can dissolve it and it does it well.  I would recommend trying hyaluronidase first.  Once the initial product is dissolved, you can consider retreatment with the same or different filler to see if this improves the area.  I hope this helps and best wishes to you.

Natalie Attenello, MD
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Botched Restylane under eyes,

I don't think squeezing will be the correct procedure. Best to see an oculoplastic specialist in person for evaluation.

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Getting Rid Of Restylane

It's actually the other way around, making an incision and squeezing the filler out should be the last resort. Hyaluronidase is highly effective and safe in dissolving Hyaluronic Acid Fillers such as Restylane. Multiple sessions may be needed though. I would get a 2nd opinion from an experienced provider of fillers and Hyaluronidase if I was you. Best wishes.

Michael A. Zadeh, MD, FACS
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Hyaluronidase under eyes...

Thank you for your question.  Please follow up with an experienced board certified Dermatologist/PS/Oculoplastics for dissolution with hyaluronidase.  Belotero is a good option for retreatment of the area after the dissolution.  Expression of filler is rarely used for HA fillers as they are easily dissolved, expression is more commonly used for non-HA fillers like Radiesse as they cannot be dissolved.  Regards, Dr. Matt Elias

Matthew Elias, DO, FAAD
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