Is It Possible to Loosen a Lower Face Lift?

I had a lower face lift over a year ago to restore my "Audrey Hepburn" like jaw line. I do not think my doctor understood the structure of my face because along with my sagging jowls he took much of my jaw muscle as well so that I no longer look like myself. I realize that there is no way to restore the muscle that is gone but I was wondering if some of the tightness around my ears could be loosened so that some of the tissue there could come down some. Thank you.

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Loosen Lower Face Lift

While the feeling of tightness can result from a lower facelift, the issue you are describing can happen when scar forces align in a direction that might not align well with your face, or your desired look. To this end, several things can be done to help bring back some of the features or loosen the scars. In terms of lost volume, structural fat grafting is a great way to restore volume in areas that have been over resected. In my hands, I have found the Palomar Adivive system to be tops in terms of fat retention, especially in scarred tissue planes. As for the scar, there are two things I have found that signifcantly can soften scar. The isolated 1064 NDYAG laser made by Cynosure (SMART LIPO) can be used in an isolated fashion to break up deep scar tissue. This particular device has some of the best deep tissue scar-loosening dynamics of any device on the market I have seen. While it does require some practitioner experience to not over heat the tissue in these instances, it can help break scar tissue and loosen an otherwise uncomfortable area of facelift scar contracture. The second things that really helps is high grade Protein Rich Plasma injections into the scar. Injected into these areas, PRP can really facilitate better tissue scar "settling" over time. Hope this helps and good luck.

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Loosen a lower face lift

Sorry to learn you are having problems with your face lift. Generally speaking the skin and cheeks has to feel tight after surgery. If there was no tight feeling then most likely you have not had a good lift. The tightness usually gets better overtime. The combination of time, gravity and facial movements will help reduce that tight feeling.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Loosening a Lower Facelift?

There is always some level of feeling tight after a facelifting procedure. In the case where it feels too tight, time is often the best medicine as the again process will continue and tissues will loosen up. With respect to the jaw muscle, it is extremely unlikely that any muscle was taken and instead it is a repositioning (favorable or not) that makes it seem like jaw muscle was removed.

MIchael Kim, MD

Michael M. Kim, MD
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Tight skin after facelift.

Once the skin has been removed and it is too tight you have to wait for normal aging to allow the skin to age and become excess.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Possible to Loosen a Lower Facelift

The sutures used to plicate, if this was done, could be removed.  I would not recommend this, but this could be done.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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