Is It Possible to Lose the Fat Under the Arms After Going Through Menopause?

Never had a weight problem but am now post menopausal and the loss of muscle is noticeable and have loose skin under the arms as well as the stomach area due to 2 C-sections. Is it possible to get toned via weight training and exercise after menopause or should I consider plastic surgery?

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Is It Possible to Lose the Fat Under the Arms After Going Through Menopause?

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Your question asks about losing fat, but the narrative indicates that it is skin that is in excess. Do work on fitness, and toning, and see what happens.

Once the skin has lost its elasticity, though, it is usually gone. 
The loose skin is most likely to have improvement by excision. A plastic surgery consultation can help sort through your options.

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Toning excercises vs plastic surgery

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Please consider re posting your question with photos. Without them, it is impossible to give you helpful advice.
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Tightening skin without surgery

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Thanks for your question.  Without a picture it hard to comment, but I am a strong believer that improving your health, fitness, and training can improve the appearance of skin laxity, but it may not be enough to achieve the look you are going for.  Seek the opinion of a board certified surgeon to get a better idea.

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