Non-surgical Options for Loose Neck Bands?

I desperately want to do something about my horrible neck bands. I had a liposuction a couple of years ago, at age 38, but no tightening and the neck looks worse than before. I eventually want to get surgery I guess, but it will take a while to save up. Financing is not an option.
In the meantime, what non-surgical treatments might help, and how much do they run? I also recently had Total FX for acne scars, but see not difference really. I'm a mess. No skin tightening yet or filling in. It's been about two months. I'm getting Restylane for scars now, but still have a lot of indents. On top of all this, the horrible neck is just too much. Also, since I had a mid face lift, which I didn't even really want, I feel like I have absolutely no cheek bones anymore. My face is completely shapeless as in the last picture. Worse when I don't smile. Funny how some doctors talk you into things. I find it hard to trust cosmetic surgeons as it often seems to be just a business to them.

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Save up for a neck lift

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Unfortunately, you have the kind of neck that makes neck liposuction something I rarely do. If it is done aggressively you can end up with scar tissue bands that are very visible especially when you tip your head back. Also, if your skin elasticity wasn't great, you can end up with looser skin than when you started. You are young for platysma bands so I am assuming that what your pictures show are the first two problems.

So that you finally get something that really shows a difference compared to the other treatments you have had, please save up for a properly done neck lift by a real Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Take the time to interview many doctors and wait until you find the one who listens to you and can show you many pictures of results like what you want for your neck. There is nothing short of surgery to fix what you have so please don't waste your money on non-surgical treatments of your neck.

Many surgeries, all bad results...

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You have have several procedures, all with "bad results". Your cheeklift left you with a shapeless face. Your liposuction of the neck left you with neck bands. The laser did a bad job on your acne scarring.

Why do you keep having more surgeries?

Ideally, surgery is to fix a defined problem. When it is performed too early, or for marginal indications, patients will not see that great transformation that many of them hoped for.

If patients' expectations are too high, no matter what the outcome, they will be unhappy.

Facelifts and necklifts on very young patients will have subtle results; that is the nature of our field. Patients who expect huge differences at a young age may be disappointed by their procedures unless they adjust their expectations accordingly.

An under the chin neck lift will likely tighten the muscles below the chin but it appears there is a small amount of extra skin. This is best treated by a facelift, but the expected results are small, and even in the very best of hands, the neck may still have a little extra skin that appears at 3 or 4 months postop.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 194 reviews

Loose neck skin options

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It seems as if your focus is on your neck, yet you undergo procedures that do little to improve the neck. Total FX, Restyylane and a midface lift are not intended to acheive any neck improvements.

There are few non-surgical options to the neck that will reliably produce a result. If you have bands that worsen with talking and facial animation, Botox amy achieve some improvements. Restylane in the prejowl area may also give you the appearance of a stroinger jawline which may conceal a weak neckline buta will do little to tighten the neck skin.

There are many options when it comes to surgical correction of the neck and this may include augmenting the chin or performing a short scar face lift to help inmprove the jawline as well as the neck.

I would generally aovid skin tightening lasers/IPL/readiofrequency as they tend to produce results that do not typically meet patient expectations but if you are strong on avoiding surgery, this may be your best option but do not expect dramatic results.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 86 reviews

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