How Long could Teenage Boys Suffer from Male Boobs, when Should Surgery Be Considered?

When do most hormones balance for teenage boys and the breasts recede? When would be the earliest age that a teenager could have a male breast reduction? In which cases would surgery be a recommended alternative?

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Age for male breast reduction

Ideally, gynecomastia surgery is delayed until full development, around age 18 after adolescent hormonal influenced breast development ceases. Sometimes it will resolve to a degree afterwards. Also if your child is overweight, often the breasts will diminish with weight loss once in the normal range. However I have operated on several adolescent males to develop gynecomastia for those stigmatized and traumatized by the size of his breasts in severe cases with good results. Yes it is possible they will grow again and another procedure may be required for best results, Discuss the risk vs benefits with your board certified plastic surgeon that has experience in this age group.

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Teenage Gynecomastia


Thanks for the post.  It is not uncommon for teenage boys going through puberty to experience some increase in breast size. Some studies state up to 60% of boys can experience some changes to their breasts during puberty. In a vast majority of these boys, it completely resolves in 2 or 3 years. If it persists longer than that, then I recommend being evaluated. This involves a history and physical exam and possibly blood tests to check hormone levels. If there is no underlying cause, then at that point one may be a candidate for surgery.


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Gynecomastia in teenage boys

Your body continues to develop through adolescence, and most boys find that their gynecomastia corrects itself of its own. A boy with gynecomastia should first try to lose weight by going on a healthy diet and exercise regimen. This helps improve the chest contour. If after losing weight their chest is still not aesthetically pleasing, surgery can then be considered once another medical condition has been ruled out.

Teenage Boys with Gynecomastia or Man Boobs

I am the father of two sons and I would not want them to suffer with this condition.

No one knows exactly why gynecomastia is so prevalent today. There are many theories as to why gynecomastia is so prevalent, including exposure to chemicals and hormones in food and the environment. The first step for teenagers should be to get them at or near an ideal healthy weight. A parent might even consider an organic diet free of hormones to see if that might make a difference. If weight loss, fitness and a "clean die"t doesn't improve the situation, a family might consider surgery even before the age of eighteen.

It is important to know that in teens, sometimes the gynecomastia will resolve itself with time. In other cases, even after a surgical procedure, there is a possibility that teens my develop more gynecomastia.  If my boys were faced with this issue,and they wanted surgery to correct the problem, I would certainly consider surgery while they are teens.

If a teenage boy wants this procedures and parents are supportive of this idea, it is important to find a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon who has a history of leaving scars that are invisible or close to invisible. 

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How Long could Teenage Boys Suffer from Male Boobs, when Should Surgery Be Considered?

In my practice, I usually ask teenage patients with gynecomastia to wait until 17-18 years old to undergo gynecomastia reduction surgery.  Good luck and be safe.

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Treatment for Boys with Male Boobs

For a high percentage of boys the growth of male breast tissue seems to occur between the ages of 10 to 13 years. It  is triggered by an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone. For most boys, the condition will resolve itself on reaching adulthood. But for approximately 5% it never diminishes, leaving surgery as the only option. It is best to be evaluated by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in gynecomastia to determine when or if surgery is recommended.

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Gynecomastia surgery for teenagers

It is best to wait until your growth is complete (16-17 years old). However, most boys do not want to wait that long. If you do a male breast reduction before your growth is complete, your breasts may continue to grow. It is best you consult a certified plastic surgeon so they can evaluate you and guide you to decide what option is best for you. Regards. 


Male Breast Enlargement in Teenagers

It is very common for teenage boys to have transient swelling of their "breast" tissue as they are at the end of puiberty.  When adult leevels of testosterone are achieved the swelling usually goes away.  If the enlargement lasts for more than one year it is likely to be permanent and will need surgery to correct.  The age of having adult levels of testosterone will vary , but it is good to be patient for one year to see if the enlargemnt will disappear without a surgery.

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Surgery for Teenagers with Gynecomastia.

Thank you for the question.
There is no specific age that surgery is recommended for teenager boys with  gynecomastia. I think the best medicine involves evaluation of the patient by his pediatrician and referral to a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon when causes of  gynecomastia have been ruled out/ treated.
Generally, it will be best for the young man to be as physically and emotionally mature prior to proceeding with surgery. This “maturity” will improve the chances of successful outcome (as well as an understanding of the procedure and its potential risks/complications)  and minimize the chances that further surgery will be necessary in the future.
It will also behoove the young man to be at a long-term stable weight prior to proceeding with surgery.
I would suggest in-person consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.
Best wishes.

Gynecomastia teenagers

often the most common time it shows up. as much as you may hear it will "go away"....I have yet to see it happen. surgery only if the patient is really bothered by it. then look into the Scarless approach.

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