How long do stitches stay on for chin augmentation patients?

How long do stitches stay on before their tookin off after a chin augmentation procedure?

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Sutures after chin implant

The deep sutures will dissolve over several weeks. The surface (skin) sutures typically are removed in 7-10 days. Sometimes, a fast absorbing suture might be used that needs not be removed but dissolves on its own. 

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Recovery from Chin Implant

Sutures generally should not be left more than 7 days. With chin implants, deeper sutures under the skin do most of the work, and the fine skin sutures need not be left long.

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How long the stitches stay in for Chin augmentation?

There is a combination of dissolvable and permanent sutures are used when a chin augmentation is performed. The chin incision sutures are removed at 5 days after the surgery.

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