How Long Can a Person Safely Wear Temporary Dental Veneers?

I got temporary dental veneers put on while my veneers were being made, but then my dentist and I had a big falling out and I decided to change dentists. I've been wearing the temps now for two months. The glue has worn off so I can remove the temps, brush and floss the teeth underneath, and then put the temps back in place in my mouth. I'm looking for a new dentist now. How long is it safe for my teeth to keep using these temps?

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Temporary veneers, how long is too long

Temps are meant to be temporary.   A lot of it depends on how much preparation the dentist had done on the teeth.  I would seek a new dentist ASAP to have the permanents done.  If not the teeth may decay and who knows what problems will ensure

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Do not ware your temporaries for longer than a month

Do not ware your temporaries for longer than a month. two months is a long time, and as much as you can clean them microscopically you could have already been in the process of decaying teeth. Find a dentist ASAP

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
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Temporary dental veneers

During the process of preparing final veneers the natural teeth are prepared and the layer of enamel is removed, the tooth is more exposed to decay and infection. 2 months is really a long time to be in provisionals. You need to expedite the process of getting final veneers in order to prevent possible complications and vitality of the teeth.

Temporary veneers need to be replaced soon!

Two months is a long time to wear temporary veneers. If teeth are prepared for traditional veneers, then you are running a high risk of getting decay. You need to find a new dentist soon, and get permanent veneers bonded as soon as possible.

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Temporary Dental Veneers are meant to be TEMPORARY!

If the dentist did very minimal preps on your Veneers, and did not go deeper than your enamel, then you are probably OK. That's probably not the case, however, because then he probably would not have made temporaries! Hurry before the teeth decay.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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Temporary veneers don't last long

The exposed dentin you describe has likely already started the decay process, despite your ability to clean.  I would find a new dentist VERY soon.  2 months is a long time in temps.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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