Can A Cavity Be Filled With A Veneer On It?

Have a veneer on my upper rt eye tooth #3- tooth has alot of bonding filling.Noticed today between this tooth a small brown stain at the upper part near the gumline-hard to really see it bec it is betwn my teeth. Have a little dental mirror. Is this a cavity? looks like it is next to the bonding material.Just a small dot. It may just be a stain hopefully.I am worried it is a cavity and how in the world is my dentist going to fill this and not go through my veneer?No pain. wrapped on bottom only

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Filling in Tooth With a Veneer on it?

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Yes, a cavity can be filled on a tooth with a veneer on it without disturbing the veneer. The cavity access will come through the back of the tooth NOT through the veneer.

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A Cavity Can Be Filled Around a Veneer

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Most likely what you are seeing is a stained margin of the veneer. Properly fitting and properly bonded Veneers should NOT stain, however. It might be decay at the margin, as well, and that can usually be filled without removing the Veneer, as well.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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