10 Years Post Porcelain Veneers, Gaps Reappeared. What Do You Recommend?

Had porcelain veneers about 10yrs ago due to big gaps n teeth, Now 10yrs on and my gaps have appeared again and I feel really bad with the way my teeth Now look, What can I do to get rid of the gaps again? Shwould I get them replaced? Plese help Kim

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Teeth shift after veneers

Teeth shift after veneers due to a reason. you need to see why you are having gaps appear int he first place. if the veneers are good enough, get some sort of orthodontic ( braces) opinion

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Gaps between veneers 10 years later

The most important thing that should be identified- by the gaps are reappearing? It can be due to bone loss, that should be addressed by periodontist. Before you will jump into the decision to replace the veneers you should seek for a consult with the specialist like prosthodontist or periodontist.

Gaps Reappearing Between Veneers After 10 Years

The real question is "Why are the gaps reappearing?" It sounds as if your teeth are spreading apart. This usually is the result of a poor bite, or occlusion. Invisalign is a great way to pull the teeth back together, but make sure your dentist is experienced in occlusion, so that the gaps do not reappear again in a few years.

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Gaps can be closed with porcelain or move teeth

Invisalign would be a fairly simple way to close the spaces, preserving the veneers.  Veneers can be redone, but if the gaps are large, the veneers may end up looking fat.  Both should be viable options.

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