Long Mid Face, Long Face. What Are My Options? (photo)

Hi all, I was so happy to see online that long face can be treated. I would like to ask your opinion how to fix my face. I have a long mid face especially at around my upper lip area. The area between my nose and lips is too long. My teeth are too visible when I laugh. My chin looks weak. Also, I think my nose is tilt up, I would rather have a nose doesn't show my nostril that much. Lastly, is it possible to change my jawline to a custom jawline to be nice like Miranda Kerr? Thanks!

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Options for long mid face

There are multiple different options available to the patient.  These need to be addressed through extensive facial consultation.  The first option is to discuss chin implant to increase the protrusion of the lower chin.  Silastic chin implants can easily be placed through a submental incision to augment the chin.  Cheek implants can also be entertained but the placement is such that they would be placed lower in the cheek area such as a submalar incision.  Rhinoplasty would entail pushing the tip down to narrow the nasal bones and feminizing and refining the tip in an attempt to push the entire tip down so that it gives the illusion of having a shorter upper lip.  All of these procedures are done under general anesthesia and expect at least 2 weeks of bruising and swelling after the procedure is performed.

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What you need is personal consultation.


You are very attractive but you do not have the facial structure of Miranda Kerr.  I personally think chasing that appearance reckless facial surgery will be very damaging to you.  However, there are numerous options that can be realized with just fillers and botox that will profoundly improve your appearance.  Under eye filler will help shift your cheek mass higher to give you more of a heart shaped face.  Additional subtle lip volume would be very helpful.  A dash of volume in the prejowl sulcus would also be beneficial.

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