Is Lap Band Surgery Effective if You've Had a Total Thyroidectomy?

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Thyroid Gland and Bariatric

Bariatric surgery is not directly related to the presence or absence of the thyroid gland. however hormones produced by this gland directly interfere with the metabolism, so you should always be followed up by your endocrinologist and so have adjusted according to your weight and need dose.

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Thyroidectomy and the Lap-Band

There is no effect of thyroid surgery on the effectiveness of Lap Band surgery.  If you have had the thyroid gland removed you should be placed of adequate doses of thyroid replacement.

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Lap Banding Surgery Candidate?

Thank you for the question.

Assuming, your thyroid condition/levels are well controlled and you are otherwise a good candidate for lap banding surgery,  your history of thyroidectomy is not a contraindication.

In-person consultation with a surgeon specializing in bariatric surgery will be helpful.

Best wishes.

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Lap Band Surgery is Not affected by Total Thyroidectomy

The thyroid is removed either because it is functioning too much (making too much thyroid hormone), getting too large in low iodine conditions and compressing nearby structures (goiter) or in cases of thyroid cancer. All of these thyroid conditions have nothing to do with obesity or it's correction with Lap band surgery. Your anesthesiologist would need to know about the thyroid surgery just in case scarring distorts the direction of the airway. This should pose no threat to your lap band. 

Good luck.

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