Still Red with a Round Mark After Juvederm a Month Later?

A month ago I posted on this site that I had juvederm around the mouth N/L fold. The spot from the needle mark has not improved, however it feels amazing and smooth I love it, but with make up on. I am a male and don't always use make up, now i'm needing it everyday. The one side is nice, feels smooth, still a little red but going away. The needle mark on the other side is round, no lump just round, did it hit a blood vessel? Is this a scar and permanent?

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Red round mark a month after Juvederm

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It's possible a blood vessel was hit and you have a persistent bruise, or you may have a hematoma there from blood under the skin. Either will go away over time. I very much doubt that anything is wrong, and I cannot imagine this is a scar and/or permanent in any way. It would be best to see your injector just for a follow-up though just for some clarification.

Red mark one month after Juvederm

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Bruising is relatively common after injectable fillers, but usually disappears within a week or two. Occasionally, red, purple, or yellow/green spots can persist for months. I doubt you have any actual scarring from the injection.

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Juvederm and residual mark

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Thank you for the update. I believe that this will go away and it may take more time. It is not likely to leave a permanent scar and I recommend that you see the provider who did the Juvederm injection for his/her recommendation and proper follow-up.

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