How Long Does It Take for Implant to Drop After Replacement & Capsulectomy Surgery?

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Breast implants should look good right after surgery.

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1)  Since I don't know exactly what you had done and how you look, I don't want to worry you unnecessarily.  But there is a general misconception out there that implants have to "drop".  I don't understand that.  The goal is to keep working during surgery until the breasts look the way you want.  Aside from some minor swelling, you see the result right away. 

2)  If you are not happy, that is not a good sign.  But the only thing to do for six months is wait and be optimistic that things will improve.  If they don't you may need a revision.  Good luck!

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How Long Does It Take for Implant to Drop After Replacement & Capsulectomy Surgery?

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This is multifactorial and depends on many things. There is no one specific answer but more of a range. Typically, it can take 3 to 6 months for an implant to drop off after breast implant capsulectomy. Please consult with your board-certified plastic surgeon regarding their specific instructions and exercises. Some surgeons recommend early massage. Some plastic surgeons also recommend a bandeau or a similar garments that is worn on the upper portion of the breast.  This is done to force the implant into position. Good luck. Sincerely, Dr. Katzen

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Implant settling

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It usually takes aboiut 4 months or so for the implants to be soft and sit normally in the pocket, especially if they are under the muscle.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Time it takes for implants to settle post exchange procedure

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Without seeing before and after photos it is difficult to  say. However, depending on much scar tissue was removed and how far you out from surgery, you still may have quite a bit of swelling. Your PS should give you a good idea upon your next visit.

Implant settling after replacement with capsulectomy

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The answer depends on what was done: over or under the muscle; amount of tissue removed; swelling, etc..

Most implants will settle to their final position within 2-3 months.  It may be helpful to wear a bandeau bra (with a strap that pushes down on the upper pole).  Your surgeon should be able to answer this for you.

Breast Implants Dropping after Revisionary Surgery?

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Thank you for the question.

You will be able to get much more precise information from your plastic surgeon since he/she knows exactly what was done and what should be expected during your recovery period.

Generally, I have seen implants settle during the first 6 months ( and sometimes up to one year) after surgery.

Best wishes.

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