I Have 1000cc`s Saline over Filled with 850 Implant Bag, How Can I Proceed To Meet My Expectations? (photo)

I have 1000cc`s saline implant with 850 implant bag, I have high profile, I am 5`7 waist 26.5, hips 37. I work out alot weight, yoga aerobics. Now my observation my Breast is sitting like regular breast, droopy but far apart. I do not like them much anymore. I want that fake high profile look. My breast procedure was TUBA . I was considering getting 625cc`s, but since I have larger implant how will 625cc`s workout for my extra skin, would I need a silcon to have high profile, different incision?

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I have lots of experience with large implants, and going up is easy and going down is difficult. You have stretched the skin out considerably. For the best result I would recommend a staged procedure. First we remove your implants and get you to wear a tight compression bra for three months to shrink your skin envelope back down as far as it will go. Then we take your measurements again, and perform a so muscular augmentation in the size that you want with a lift. Two surgeries but a more controlled, longer lasting result.

Correcting for problems caused by the first procedure

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This result was either the inexperience and acts of the surgeon or the problem of doing whatever the patient says they want without a concern for the consequences. Thus we see the problems caused by putting in implants that were too big for the breast -- like forcing too big a foot into too small a shoe -- as well as issues like the lack of control of the pocket with a TUBA approach and the likelihood of needing to revise and the inability to revise or replace the implants without a new incision in the inframammary crease.  

It is very difficult to scale down the width of an implant and pocket around it. The forward projection can be scaled down but simply exchanging the present implants for "smaller" ones isn't likely to give a satisfactory result. In this situation I would consider removing the implants entirely through a saline-sized incision (2cm) in the center of the existing inframammary crease and let the tissues recover before deciding on a proper sized implant, lift, or above/below the muscle and gel vs. saline. I would doubt that the original surgeon would be the best one to do this although that surgeon should learn what happens when you put too big an implant in with a TUBA approach. 


Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Making big fake wide boobs look good

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Your breast implants are too big, too far apart, and I seriously doubt they are under the muscle. As with many TUBAS, the placement can be unreliable. It looks to me like these big implants dissected your breasts laterally and are sitting out there in your armpits. You say you want that "High fake look"... well you have it. Your implants are so high that your nipples are pointing down. I agree with you about downsizing. Any incision on the breast should work to give the plastic surgeon enough control to fix the pocket. Probably should go silicone and high profile as you are narrow. Implant needs to move IN and DOWN. Pick someone who does A LOT of breast revision... your case is not that easy but is totally do-able for someone with a lot of experience.

Lisa Cassileth, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 16 reviews

Large Breast Implants

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To downsize your implants, I would suggest silicone, under the muscle, high-profile implants.  You will need a mastopexy procedure to remove the extra skin.  However, you should be able to achieve a very nice result while also maintaining the look you are desiring.  


Good Luck.

You will need lift and smaller implants

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Your implants are too big for your breast tissue and it has over stretched your breast tissue and skin. You will need to have them removed and replaced with smaller implants. You will need to have lift to reposition your nipple. Because of above muscle implants and over stretching the breast tissue,your risk of having complication after the lift will be very high. Please make sure your surgeon has taken care of the similar situations. 

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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How to choose revisional surgery for distorted breast shape.

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You have  a level of distortion that is made much worse by using the big implants that are presently in place.  Smaller silicone moderate profile implants may help restore a better shape, combined with a breast lift.  It is not always possible to do the lift and implant exchange at the same time-  this may compromise the blood supply to the nipple and areola.  You will need to have a serious discussion with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area before any decision would be made, however.


Good luck to you .


Board Certified Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Breast revision

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Your pictures are very helpful.  You are right in that you breasts are "droopy but far apart".  Achieving the look you want will be difficult because  your skin is streched out and your nipples are very low.  It seems as if you will need a different incision and a lift to improve the aesthetics as well as repositioning the implants and suturing the pocket to make it smaller.  You might be best served by 2 separate operations to correct your current appearance. You should seek the advice of an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.  Good Luck .

Beverly Friedlander, MD
Short Hills Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 19 reviews

Downsizing from 1000 cc implants

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You have a significant problem. The 1000 cc implants caused significant thinning of your breast tissues, as well as atrophy of the breast tissue. You cannot get the same quality result now as you would have had you gone to the same final implant from the beginning.

I am not a fan of high profile implants. You cannot force the shape of an implant onto a breast (maybe with the Allergan 410 Gummy bear implants, but they are not cleared by the FDA yet). High profile implants cause excessive thinning of breast tissue, atrophy of the tissue and can even cause indentation of the chest wall (rib deformities). The implant should be fitted to the breast soft tissue implant. That said, your envelope is very overstretched so some procedure must be done to reduce the envelope by removing excess skin. The trade off here is scar for contour, and the scars that will result can be substantial.

You need ot be evaluated by a plastic surgeon with experience in this type of procedure (you may require more than one procedure).

Mark D. Epstein, MD
Stony Brook Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 244 reviews

Challenges after 1000cc breast implants

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Reducing your implants to 650cc may result in a look that is unsatisfactory to you, and high profile implants in the current pockets may behave like a ball in a sock. You have very thinned tissue and the switch will be a challenge. We bet a full mastopexy will be needed to keep things together.

Best of luck, peterejohnsonmd.com

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
4.0 out of 5 stars 44 reviews

Large saline implants

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I agree with your assessment that your implants are too far apart and too low on your chest.  Your skin has been severely stretched out by these implants over the years.  I would first recommend removing the saline implants and allow your skin to retract as much as possible over the next several months.  Once we have a better idea of exactly how much extra skin and breast tissue you have, you would be able to get a better idea of what type of surgery will be best to give you the look you are seeking.  My suspicion is that you will need a combination of a breast lift and implants, likely placed partially under the muscle.  Schedule a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Best of luck!

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