How Long After Stopping Accutane Should I Wait Before I Can Drink Again?

Going on a trip were drinking may be involved. This happens to be at the end of my treatment. How long should I wait?

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You can consume alcohol duringand after Accutane treatment as long as you have a normal liver and imbibe responsibly

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While on Accutane or isotretinoin, your liver enzymes my elevate.  Many meds can do this.Infections such as viral hepatitis can do this as well.   If you consume excessive or chronic alcohol your liver may also become inflamed and your liver enzymes my subsequently elevate.  Therefore, while on any med that can potentially inflame your liver ,it is a good idea to avoid excessive alochol.  If your liver enzymes are within normal limits, you can drink some alcohol just be responsible.  After you complete isotretinoin and if you have a normal liver and if you are of age, you may drink alcohol-just do so responsibly.   

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Accutane and Drinking

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Accutane shouldn't have any severe affects on your liver even when alcohol is consumed, as long as you do it in moderation. If you have a drink or two, even for several days, it's ok. It is more of a problem when your drink excessively all the time.

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