Is Ok to Take Accutane Just for One Month?

Hello Doctors, my doctor gave me Roaccutan 20 mg. He explained me about the risk of pregnancy but didnt explain me much. Then i researched on internet and i got scare, cause i already payed for 12 sessions of laser hair removal and the summer is coming with sun and parties. I was wondering if is ok to take just this one box after i finished with my depilation and not take more, or if ill have terrible breakout?my face is not that bad, is just constantly with acne. Best regards, maria

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Taking Accutane for one month

You can stop your Accutane but you should definitely realize that taking it for only one month isn't going to have much of an effect on your acne, at all, and you shouldn't expect any change in your acne. As long as you understand that, you can stop taking it.

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